Certificates of Deposit

Features & Benefits

We are able to offer competitive interest at a higher rate than a regular savings account when you commit to deposit your funds for a fixed period of time. Typically between a few months and a few years – It’s up to you. And like all bank deposit products, our CDs are FDIC insured.* 

  • $1,000 Minimum Opening Deposit
  • Competitive Fixed Interest Rates - View CD Rates
  • Flexible Terms Available: 31 days to 60-month Terms Available
  • Penalty Applies if withdrawn before your certificate reaches maturity
  • Automatic renewal at maturity with a 10 day grace period to re-invest

Need help structuring your Certificates based on maturity dates or FDIC insurance coverage?

Contact your local branch today to learn more or visit www.fdic.gov to learn more. 

*FDIC insured to the maximum allowed by law.


More Questions?

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