Agri-Business Lending

Long Term Financing

10+ years

Intermediate Term Loans

1-7 years

 Short Term Loans

Less than 1 year



Long Term (10 years or more)




Irrigation Development

We finance the purchase of irrigation systems and any associated costs in the development, including, but not limited to wells, casings and electrical infrastructure.  Loan terms can vary depending on the size and scope of the project, along with the collateral to be used.  




Grain Storage

Our grain storage loans provide competitive rates and terms so that producers can build or upgrade facilities to store commodities.  Loan terms can vary depending on the size and scope of the project, along with the collateral to be used.  


Livestock Facilities 

We finance the construction and rehabilitation of machine sheds, cattle and hog barns so that you’re working capital can be preserved, allowing you to make monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments depending on what works best in your operation.

Real Estate 

Farmer Mac Long Term Fixed Rates

Security Bank is an approved Farmer Mac Lender.  Farmer Mac provides a secondary market financing option to help provide attractive long term fixed rates and a broad portfolio of loan products that complement traditional offerings.  Farmer Mac’s full suite of loan products ranges from revolving lines of credit all the way up to long term fixed rate loans with terms up to 30 years.  Maintain your existing lending relationship with your Security Bank lender while realizing the best terms available in the market. 


FSA Preferred Lender Options 

Beginning Farmer Loans

Security Bank is an approved Preferred Lender with the Farm Service Agency.  Participation in the Preferred Lender Program (PLP) is the highest status that a lender can hold in the FSA Guaranteed Farm Loan Program.  The PLP status was developed to recognize experienced lenders that have demonstrated significant expertise and understanding of agricultural lending and the FSA Guaranteed Farm Loan Program.




Intermediate Term Loans (1-7 years)




Investing in a piece of equipment for your farm operation is a big decision. Our ag lenders stand ready to help you determine which financing option fits best for your individual situation, and can help you weigh the financial pros and cons to arrive at an informed and focused decision on how to incorporate that new or used piece of equipment into your operation.   





Whether you are looking for a truck to haul your grain or livestock to sell, need more capacity at harvest time, or simply need to upgrade your pickup truck, we have many financing options available and tailored to your situation.    



Breeding Livestock 

Keeping your herd productive is a key to success in the livestock business. Security Bank’s ag lending team keeps up to date on current livestock markets and is in tune with the local livestock economy. Let us help you keep your breeding herd going strong with various financing options available. 


Short Term Loans (Less than 1 year)




Single Payment Loans

For temporary financing needs such as a pen of cattle or to bridge the gap between purchasing capital assets and the receipt of income. 




Farm Operating Line Of Credit

So you can be sure you have the credit available to help such a seasonal business and know that you don’t have to alter your business practices and pass up on opportunities because you haven’t sold your commodity quite yet.         



Cattle Feeding Line of Credit

Be ready and able to buy and sell cattle when the opportunity is available.