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Do You Know Your Agri-Business IQ?

We have found when our Ag producers are better educated on their numbers, this enhances the quality of an individual's economic decision-making.

Just like every farmer knows you don't leave the house without a pliers on your hip - our lenders know your finances can't be left without the right set of agri-business tools. Our AgIQ™ program helps to take the assumption out of the numbers. Our lending team continues to dedicate themselves to perfecting the essential tools to aid you in becoming better decision makers. 

Find out how teaming up with our trusted lenders at Security Bank can help you better analyze your numbers to make the best decisions for you and your operations.


Annual Renewal Portfolio with 17 Point Checkup™

Our 17 Point Checkup™ is a one-stop way of assessing the various financial elements of a farm operation as well as the level of risk each poses at that point in time. This tool examines the “Sweet 16” farm financial ratios along with one’s credit report score.

  • Each ratio for the most recent year  is compared to your local region, averages of Security Bank customers, and your previous year. From there, each ratio is ranked in the appropriate risk category that is color-coded with green for low risk, yellow for moderate risk, and red for high risk (think traffic light). That said, we always say that a red or high-risk category by no means indicates failure or major issues, but rather helps a producer prioritize areas on which to focus. 

Our 17 Point Checkup™ puts a lot of power in your hands. With the power of the knowledge gained, how soon would you start to put that to work in your operation? Would there be any reason not to? When you’re ready to put yours together, give any of our lenders a call.  

Do You Have the Right Financial Tools in Your Agri-Business Toolbox?

Below are just some of the options we've developed with you in mind.


17 pt. Checkup™

Detailed Monthly Cashflow™

Grain Breakeven™


Cow/Calf Breakeven™

 Dairy Breakeven™

 Grain Delivery Decision Tool™


BusinessIQ™ Worksheet 

Credit Check 

Farm Trends



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Ag Focus

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Our AgFocus is a monthly newsletter sent to area producers that covers various topics, in which the purpose is to provide educational and thought-provoking ideas that producers can implement into their farm operation.



Our Lunch on the Farm program where our ag lenders bring sack lunches out to our producers is one of our ways of thanking customers for their business and a fun way to get out on the farm and see how the year is going.

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“Security Bank is second to none when it comes to customer service.  The analysis tools they have and utilize help us to make sound marketing decisions and give us the confidence on our financial end of the business.  If you are tired of guessing where you are at, the staff here will help fill those unknown numbers with numbers that reflect our operation. ”

Matt & Susan Kathol | Agri-business Producers, Hartington NE

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