Coleridge Tree of Love

Spread the Love this Christmas

December 6, 2018 | By Alissa Bartling, Marketing Coordinator | BankingFocus-Bank News | BankingFocus-Community Involvement


Pick a Ornament from Coleridge’s Tree of Love

Spread the love this Christmas by participating in the “Tree of Love”.  Residents of both Park View Haven and The Embers have hand made ornaments for you to pick from our tree, along with a list of items they would like for Christmas.  It is asked that each gift be around $10.  Please return the gift(s), with their list attached, to Security Bank by December 21st.  The residents will open their gifts Christmas Morning!  Thank you for sharing in the love this Christmas.  If you have any questions, contact Park View Haven, The Embers, or Security Bank and we will be happy to help!  Merry Christmas!

The Embers : (402) 283-5020

Park View Haven: (402) 283-4224

Security Bank, Coleridge: (402) 283-4251