Recap of the 2023 Ag Conference: Protecting your Farm Legacy

December 28, 2023 | AgFocus-Ag Focus | BusinessFocus-Business Focus | BankingFocus-Educational Opportunities

Our 2023 Ag Conference was a remarkable even featuring four distinguished keynote speakers who brought invaluable insights to ensuring the legacy of your farm for generations to come. 


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Here is what we learned from our keynote speakers

David M. Kohl, PH.D. | Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech

Dr. David Kohl, a renowned agricultural economist, captivated the audience with his in-depth analysis of the current economic landscape in agriculture. His presentation focused on navigating financial challenges, strategic planning, and adapting to market trends, providing attendees with essential tools to secure a robust financial foundation for their agricultural enterprises.

Beyond the numbers, Dr. Kohl's engaging delivery and real-world examples resonated with the audience, fostering a deeper understanding of the economic forces at play in agriculture. His keynote left attendees equipped with valuable tools to assess, plan, and fortify their financial foundations, ensuring a more secure and sustainable future for their agricultural enterprises.

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  Robin Wegener | AG Producer

Robin Wegener, a resilient widowed farm wife, shared her personal journey of taking over the farming operation following the tragic loss of her husband in a farm accident. Her deeply moving presentation highlighted the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. Robin stressed the need for farmers to develop contingency plans and, more importantly, to regularly test these plans to ensure that loved ones are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of the farm operation in their absence. Her poignant insights resonated with the audience, serving as a powerful reminder of the unforeseen challenges that can arise in agriculture and the importance of proactive planning.

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  Aaron Davis | Author and Motivational Speaker

   Aaron Davis, an accomplished author, motivational speaker, and Nebraska national champion football player, brought an inspiring message to the intersection of finance and agriculture. Leveraging his motivational expertise, Aaron centered his keynote on the power of mindset and reconnecting with the intrinsic motivation that drives farmers.

Drawing parallels between his experiences as a national champion football player and the relentless work ethic of farmers, Aaron highlighted the importance of remembering "why" – the deep-seated motivations that fuel hard work. He encouraged attendees to cultivate a winning mindset, reminding them that success in agriculture is not just about financial strategies but also about staying connected to the passion that propels them forward.

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Lisa Quist | Central Regional VP Nationwide's Land As Your Legacy

Lisa Quist, an advocate for generational continuity in agriculture, shared her powerful insights on succession planning and family farming. Her personal journey, coupled with her partnership with "Land As Your Legacy," shed light on the critical importance of effective succession planning. Lisa emphasized the need for clear communication, mentorship, and strategic transition of leadership roles within farming families.

In collaboration with "Land As Your Legacy," Lisa presented a comprehensive approach to ensure the seamless transfer of knowledge and responsibilities from one generation to the next. Her keynote highlighted the practical aspects of estate planning, legal considerations, and the emotional dynamics involved in passing down a farming legacy. Attendees gained valuable tools to navigate the complexities of generational transitions, fostering a sense of continuity and community within their farming families.

Lisa's dedication to supporting farmers in securing their legacies aligns seamlessly with the mission of "Land As Your Legacy." Together, they provided our audience with actionable steps to create a robust succession plan, ensuring a lasting and prosperous agricultural heritage for future generations. The partnership exemplifies a commitment to the preservation of family farms, making Lisa Quist's keynote a cornerstone in our collective journey toward a resilient and thriving agricultural legacy.

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The diverse range of topics covered by our esteemed keynote speakers showcased the multidimensional aspects of securing a lasting legacy in agriculture. Their collective expertise provided our attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, empowering each member of our community to contribute to the continued success of agriculture.



2023 Ag Conference Materials


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