Economic Update with Dr. Ed Seifried

November 28, 2022



As we approach the end of 2022, it is astonishing to look back and see how the economy has changed this year. It is even more astonishing to realize that just a couple of years ago, the Fed was in the process of decreasing rates, even prior to the pandemic. Now in 2022, the Fed has increased their target rate and long-term rates have continued to increase as well in the marketplace. You may ask, “What does all this mean?” We can shed some light on that question. 

Coming up in December, we have Dr. Ed Seifried, a renowned economist in the industry, as a guest speaker at a seminar we have planned for December 7th. You will receive an invitation to this seminar with further details. One thing Dr. Seifried is known for would be his “Dr. Ed’s Economic Chart” that is continually updated each month as additional information comes out. The chart features various key economic metrics that give various indications about the economy as time progresses. Leading up to his talk coming up in December, we thought it would help to familiarize everyone with his chart. Here again, it is amazing to see how things have changed over the past few months and years, and this chart shows it well!